Who are we ?

HTLS, your Specialist Lightning

HTLS subsidiary of the TIBI’Z Group is your Lighting Contractor, specialized in LED for more than 10 years.

HTLS, the LED lighting specialists, support you in your projects, whether they are new builds or renovations.

We undertake an average of 180 studies a year, and we harness our widely-acknowledged expertise when selecting and laying out your lights.

We guarantee lighting rates according to current standards.

Our teams have the skills and qualifications to support you throughout the project lifecycle, from the audit to acceptance of the work.


Our commitments :

  • Provide you with a clear and personalised response to your lighting requirements,
  • Save you time when rolling out your projects,
  • Manage the pre-works, the works themselves, and the post-works phases,
  • Enable you to benefit from the expertise of LED lighting professionals.

Through the light !

Who are we ?
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