Finance Solutions

Calculation of ROI and carbon footprint

HTLS undertakes financial analysis in order to get you best value for money.

  • ROI,
  • Energy footprint,
  • Carbon footprint.

A dossier including :

  • Investment,
  • Maintenance,
  • Figures showing changes to energy use.

This projection will enable your finance director to take a decision based on the gains made.

There are several potential approachs

  • Carbon footprint is used to promote your CSR,
  • Energy Saving Certificates to promote energy saving,
  • Leasing to avoid paying up front.

Energy Saving Certificates :

The Energy Saving Certificates scheme is a regulatory mechanism aiming to promote energy saving. For business, this mechanism is proving to be an additional potential financial lever.

Leasing :

We are able to offer finance solutions such as leasing. This means that you do not have to pay up front and that you have an instant ROI.