Lighting Contractor

A turnkey solution for your lighting project

HTLS, the lighting contractor, provides a bespoke offering encompassing :

  • Needs assessment (Audit),
  • Preliminary technical studies (lighting studies, scaling plans, calculations,…),
  • Return on Investment calculation,
  • Provision of equipment and set-up,
  • Site coordination,
  • Quality control,
  • Delivery,
  • Finance.

HTLS, your Lighting Contractor

  • A single point of contact,
  • A turnkey solution,
  • Ready to use.

Our approach encompasses all of your lighting requirements. It saves time and offers significant cost savings.

HTLS undertakes to deliver quality workmanship, offer a fair price and meet our deadlines.

This service, coupled with GENUINE GUARANTEES covering the whole process, aims to provide you with a turnkey and ready-to-use lighting system.